Occupational Therapy

Developmental Milestones:

Between 2-to-3 months old:

  • Lifts head while laying on tummy

  • Opens and closes hands

  • Follows toy with eyes side to side

  • Brings hands together toward middle of body

  • Attempts to reach for toy

  • Grasps a small toy placed in hand

  • Breastfeeds or drinks form a bottle without choking, coughing, or gagging.


Between 4-to-6 months old:

  • Rolls belly to back

  • Hits at daggling toys with hands

  • Raised entire chest when on stomach and bears weight on hands

  • Rolls back to belly


Between 6-to-7 months old:

  • Begins to sit using hands for support

  • Transfers toys from hand to hand

  • Reaches with increased control for a toy

  • Shakes and bangs toys

  • Eats small amounts of puree baby food


Between 7-to-9 months old:

  • Sustained sitting without using arms for support

  • Crawls on hands and knees with stomach off floor

  • Feeds self finger foods

  • Moves into siting position independently

  • Eats mashed table foods


Between 9-to-12 months old:

  • Sits well to play

  • Imitates simple play gestures

  • Pulls self up to stand using furniture

  • Pulls off socks and shoes

  • Cooperates with dressing

  • Scribbles on paper

  • Walking alone (1-2 steps)

  • Uses thumb and pointer finger to pick up small objects

Between 12-to-15 months old:

  • Eats a variety of soft, chopped table foods

  • Drinks from a sippy or straw cup independently

  • Stacks 2 blocks

  • Walks well with infrequent falls

  • Squats to pick up an object and stands up again without falling


Between 1-to-2 years old:

  • Throws/kicks balls

  • Eats a variety of solid foods without gagging or choking

  • Snips with scissors

  • Imitates vertical, horizontal lines and circular marks

  • Removes elastic waist pants

  • Pushes, pulls or carries toys while walking


Between 2-to-3 years old:

  • Pedals a tricycle

  • Catches a large ball thrown gently from very close

  • Runs well without falling

  • Drinks from an open cup

  • Cuts in a straight line

  • Copies vertical, horizontal lines and circles

  • Buttons large buttons

  • Throws a ball 5-7 feed overhand with one hand


Between 3-to-4 years old:

  • Cuts out a circle

  • Zips jackets

  • Grasp using thumb and index and middle fingers

  • Copies intersecting lines, diagonal lines, simple shapes, some letters and numbers

  • Balances on one foot for 10 seconds or longer


Between 5-to-6 years old:

  • Prints name from memory

  • Colors within lines

  • Draws a person with at least 6 or more different parts

  • Cuts out a square

  • Copies letters and numbers

  • Skips independently

  • Rides a bicycle independently

**If your child is experiencing multiple difficulties on this checklist, an occupational therapy evaluation is recommended.  An evaluation is available to your child through Speech and Feeding Therapy.

 Also, a free phone consultation or screening may be provided to your child.


  • Frequent meltdowns

  • Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep

  • Excessive need or intense movements

  • Becomes upset with change in routines or unexpected changes

  • Excessively cautious and afraid to try new things

  • Poor concentration and attention

  • Bothered by certain textures or clothing

  • Expresses distress with tooth brushing or hair brushing

  • Limited food variety

  • Impulsivity

  • Obsessive behaviors

  • Clumsy, awkward or accident prone

  • Avoids or slow to engage in new experiences

  • Under or over reactive to touch, lights, sounds, smell, temperature, or movement