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Developmental Milestones

Occupational Therapy

Between 7-to-9 months old
  • Sustained sitting without using arms for support

  • Crawls on hands and knees with stomach off floor

  • Feeds self finger foods

  • Moves into siting position independently

  • Eats mashed table foods

Between 9-to-12 months old

  • Sits well to play

  • Imitates simple play gestures

  • Pulls self up to stand using furniture

  • Pulls off socks and shoes

  • Cooperates with dressing

  • Scribbles on paper

  • Walking alone (1-2 steps)

  • Uses thumb and pointer finger to pick up small objects

Between 12-to-15 months old

  • Eats a variety of soft, chopped table foods

  • Drinks from a sippy or straw cup independently

  • Stacks 2 blocks

  • Walks well with infrequent falls

  • Squats to pick up an object and stands up again without falling

Between 1-to-2 years old
  • Throws/kicks balls

  • Eats a variety of solid foods without gagging or choking

  • Snips with scissors

  • Imitates vertical, horizontal lines and circular marks

  • Removes elastic waist pants

  • Pushes, pulls or carries toys while walking

Between 2-to-3 months old
  • Lifts head while laying on tummy

  • Opens and closes hands

  • Follows toy with eyes side to side

  • Brings hands together toward middle of body

  • Attempts to reach for toy

  • Grasps a small toy placed in hand

  • Breastfeeds or drinks form a bottle without choking, coughing, or gagging.

Between 4-to-6 months old

  • Rolls belly to back

  • Hits at daggling toys with hands

  • Raised entire chest when on stomach and bears weight on hands

  • Rolls back to belly

Between 6-to-7 months old

  • Begins to sit using hands for support

  • Transfers toys from hand to hand

  • Reaches with increased control for a toy

  • Shakes and bangs toys

  • Eats small amounts of puree baby food

Between 2-to-3 years old

  • Pedals a tricycle

  • Catches a large ball thrown gently from very close

  • Runs well without falling

  • Drinks from an open cup

  • Cuts in a straight line

  • Copies vertical, horizontal lines and circles

  • Buttons large buttons

  • Throws a ball 5-7 feed overhand with one hand

Between 3-to-4 years old

  • Cuts out a circle

  • Zips jackets

  • Grasp using thumb and index and middle fingers

  • Copies intersecting lines, diagonal lines, simple shapes, some letters and numbers

  • Balances on one foot for 10 or longer

Between 5-to-6 years old

  • Prints name from memory

  • Colors within lines

  • Draws a person with at least 6 or more different parts

  • Cuts out a square

  • Copies letters and numbers

  • Skips independently

  • Rides a bicycle independently

When to be concerned

If your child is experiencing multiple difficulties on this checklist, an occupational therapy evaluation is recommended.  An evaluation is available to your child through Speech and Feeding Therapy.


Also, a free phone consultation or screening may be provided to your child.

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